Our Range

The Papago Archery Range is located near where Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tempe meet.

The Papago Archery Range is located in the Papago Sports Complex, just north of Papago Park, near the intersection of E. McDowell Road and N. 64th Street (directions).

Things to know

  • The City of Phoenix owns the range and provides it free for everyone to use.
  • The Papago Archery Assocation (that’s us!) maintains the range with the help of our members.
  • The range is open from sunrise until the earlier of: sunset or 7 PM.
  • There are no stands, bales, target faces, or other equipment available to the public.
  • Club members have access to equipment during club hours.
  • Distances are marked out to 70 meters in meters (white signs) and yards (purple signs).
  • Outside club hours, the range is not staffed and we do not have equipment available for rental.

Please be aware of closing time and leave promptly when the Park Ranger arrives to close the gate!


Rules as posted on the range:

  • Park users assume all risk related to use of archery range and/or equipment.
  • Inspect equipment for damage prior to use.
  • All archers must shoot toward target from the shooting line.
  • Never nock, draw, or release an arrow when someone is downrange.
  • Aim and shoot at targets within a single designated lane.
  • Always point nocked arrows toward ground or downrange.
  • Arrows are retrieved only when all archers have finished shooting.
  • Never dry fire or release the bow string without a nocked arrow.
  • Only use target or field point equipped arrows.
  • Spectators must be behind shooting line at all times.