Code of Conduct

Be Excellent To Each Other

The Papago Archery Range is a positive, inclusive, and friendly environment for archers of all ages and backgrounds to participate, whether for fun or competition. Attitudes and behavior which do not align with those ideals are not welcome in our club or on our range.

All participants and guests at the Papago Archery Range must adhere to all the rules and policies and are expected to act in a safe, courteous, and respectful manner at all times. All club members are expected to exhibit appropriate behaviors and a positive attitude when on the range or representing the club in public or at events.

The Papago Archery Assocation Board reserves the right to take disciplinary action (from restricting access to club equipment, asking participants or visitors to leave the range, all the way to dissolution of their club membership) for those who:

  1. are unable or unwilling to follow City of Phoenix, USA Archery, or Papago Archery Assocation rules and regulations
  2. display actions that are deemed unsafe or inappropriate
  3. display aggressive behavior in any form including physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, bullying, coercion, and/or conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person
  4. use abusive or vulgar language, make racial, ethnic, or gender-related slurs or derogatory comments
  5. are observed vandalizing or stealing property
  6. provide false information or records to the club
  7. make unwanted sexual or physical contact with anyone

Refunds are not given to any participant who is removed from the range or club for disciplinary reasons of any kind.

Members and visitors who feel that this Code of Conduct is being violated should immediately report the behavior to a coach or Board Member.

Please Note

The Papago Archery Assocation Board reserves the right to deny, suspend, revoke, or limit access to club equipment at their sole discretion in the case of any violation of the Code of Conduct.

The Papago Archery Assocation Board reserves the right to amend or alter this Code of Conduct at any time. All amendments to this policy are effective immediately. The latest revsision of this policy is available on our Web site at