Membership Policy

Join Us!

This document spells out some details about membership in the Papago Archery Assocation. Our membership page provides a summary but this page provides some more direct rules and information about the operation of our club.

The process for joining the club is as follows:

  1. You must be a member in good standing of USA Archery. Any level of membership will suffice.

  2. You must have appropriate range etiquette and safety training. We currently accept the following to meet this requirement:

  3. Fill out our online membership application and pay your membership fee.

At this point you will be a pending member of the Papago Archery Assocation. Our team will verify your information and reach out to you if we require any clarification about your membership application. Once this approval process is complete, if there are no issues, you will become a full member of the club in good standing.

Full members of the club in good standing may arrive during Club Hours and shoot, using our equipment on our range. Our Board Members and Appointed Proxies have keys to the equipment container and will ensure it is open at the start of Club Hours and ensure everything is put away and locked up at the end. General club members are not provided access to equipment outside of this time period. Notices about changes in the regular schedule (including weekends that we run our tournaments or during significant road closures) are sent to club members via email, so it is imperative that members review emails that they receive from the club.

In special cases, for members of the Arizona archery community who display outstanding attitude, dedication, and determination (shooting or coaching), and who are known personally to the Papago Archery Association Board may be granted special access to club equipment for training to compete at a national or international level. If this sounds like you, please contact a Papago Archery Assocation Board Member during Club Hours to start a discussion on this topic.

Papago Archery Assocation Board Members and appointed Proxies or Ambassadors have access to club equipment outside of club hours for personal use or special events. The Board is the sole arbiter of who may have access to club equipment outside of Club Hours. Permission to access club equipment outside Club Hours may be revoked at any time for any reason or no reason. Keys used to access club equipment remain property of the Papago Archery Assocation and must be returned upon request. Keys issued for access to club equipment may not be copied or loaned out - if this occurs the person issued the key will immediately have their privileges revoked and the Board will review their club membership. If the container is accessed by an unapproved person, the Board will immediately change all locks and codes for accessing equipment and perform a review of all issued keys.