Pin shoots

Earning USA Archery Achievement Awards as a club member.

to earn (see the appropriate for which pin you earn next). The USA Archery Achievement Awards (“pin shoots”) are a defined set of performance goals so that archers can objectively measure their progress as they improve.

  • Who: All club members may participate in Saturday pin shoots!
  • What: Consult the appropriate scoring matrix on the USA Archery Web site.
  • When: Generally, the first Saturday of every month. Check with a coach when you’re on the range to find out when the next one is scheduled.
  • Cost:: Papago JOAD/AAP members participate for free - general club members pay $4 per pin/lanyard.
  • How often: You may only earn one pin per month by shooting in our pin shoots.
  • Bonus: You can submit a score sheet from a club, local, state, or national tournament to earn additional pins regardless of if you earn one during our scheduled shoot.