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Fall Barebow Shoot (Dart Archery)

Are you shooting barebow?  If so, join us for our barebow crew shoot taking place during the regular club practice on 9/9/2017. Shooting & scoring begins at 7:30am so make sure to arrive early for practice ends.

All Papago club members that shoot barebow are welcome to participate. There is no cost for this event.

The winner of the shoot will receive the traveling award and a new pin to add to their lanyard.

Distance: 18m
Target face: 80cm
3 arrows per end (turn)
2 archers per bale
Each archer begins with a score of 301. First archer to reach 0 (or closest to it by 10 ends) is the winner.

Arrows score in the following manner:

  • In the wedge: the amount posted on the outer ring.
  • The double ring (the outer, narrow ring): twice the amount posted on the outer ring.
  • The triple ring (the inner, narrow ring): three times the amount posted on the outer ring.
  • Bull’s eye (outer bull): twenty-five points.
  • Double bull’s eye (inner bull): fifty points.

If an arrow lands on a line between two sections,  the score of section in which the majority of the arrow lies is used.  If a majority cannot be determined, the higher score is used.  If an arrow is shot into the nock of a previous shot, the score of the previous arrow is used.

Each archer begins with 301 points and deducts the points earned from total score, each end.