2016 Arizona State JOAD Indoor Championships

PAAThere were record breaking numbers all over this weekend at the 2016 AZ State JOAD Championships. The registered number of participating archers was the most AZ has ever seen for this tournament. Corner Archery hosted the event at the Ben Avery Indoor Shooting Facility and did a marvelous job running the tournament. We are so grateful to all of the clubs, their members and the many volunteers that help make these fun tournaments a possibility for our youth. Thank you!

We want to acknowledge all of our club archers that competed this weekend and their accomplishments. So proud of you guys for going out there this weekend and giving it your all! You all do an amazing job of representing the PAA club! Thank you to Coach Kevin for all of your support and guidance!

Recurve Bow – Cadet Men
Christopher Mussman – 3rd Place

Recurve Bow – Cadet Women
Zoey Wapniarski – 3rd Place
Talia Jordening-Kilcline – 9th Place (1st tournament – Woo-hoo!)

Recurve Bow – Cub Men
Arni Walia – 4th Place

Recurve Bow – Cub Women
Danielle Nichols – 4th Place

Recurve Bow – Bowman Men
Waylon Hjerpe – 1st Place (NEW STATE RECORD!)

Recurve Bow – Bowman Women
Rachel Parker – 5th Place

Compound Bow – Cadet Women
Kennedy Koch – 9th Place

Barebow/Genesis – Junior Women
Tianna Jordeining-Kilcline – 1st Place (1st Tournament & NEW STATE RECORD!)

2016 AZ State Indoor Championships


Papago Archers came out in force this past weekend to compete in the 2016 AZ State Indoor Championships, being hosted by Desert Sky Archers, in Phoenix, AZ.  The club would like to acknowledge all of those that competed and congratulate you all on a job well done. Many of our archers had podium finishes. Way to represent PAA!!

Recurve Bow – Women
Kelsey Lard – 1st Place
Joyce Chan – 2nd Place
Lihn Do – 3rd Place

Recurve Bow – Cadet Men
Christopher Mussman – 3rd Place

Recurve Bow – Cadet Women
Zoey Wapniarski – 4th Place

Recurve Bow – Bowman Men
Waylon Hjerpe – 1st Place (Broke The State Record!!)
Raymond Tsai – 2nd Place

Barebow/Genesis – Masters 50 Men
Steve Rogers – 1st Place (Top Barebow Score of Tournament!!)

Barebow/Genesis – Masters 60 Men
Ron Shinn – 1st Place

Papago Canopy Fundraiser Tournament

Shoot Your Heart Out_FB


Help Papago Archery Association raise the needed funds to improve the Papago Archery Range. PAA will be hosting the Shoot Your Heart Out tournament on February 13th, 2016. (This tournament is being rescheduled to a date in March 2016.) All proceeds from this tournament will go toward the following range improvements:

  1. Construct a metal canopy over the shooting line for 21 lanes, 145’, to provide shade for archers,
  2. Raise the berm at the end of the Range for added safety, and
  3. Add signage at the Range for safety rules, and around the range to notify archers and hikers/bikers of possible dangers.

For more information about the Papago Range Improvement Project please see the link on our website. We hope you’ll consider supporting our fundraising efforts even if you’re not able to participate in the fun shoot. Donations can be accepted here and are tax deductible.

For more details about the tournament format or to register online, click below.


Spring Beginners Archery Course – Registration Open

arrow_in_flight (Ilya Andor)

Have you always wanted to try out archery, but you’re not sure where to begin? Maybe you haven’t shot since you were a kid at camp and want to give it another try? Maybe you have a child or friend that is interested in learning more about the sport. Papago Archery Association has you covered. We offer beginner archery classes and they are starting in the Spring 2016.

Online registration for our first Spring session Beginners Archery Course is now open. The first class starts at 8am on March 13th, 2016.  Class sizes are limited to 20 archers, so make sure you register before the class fills up!

No experience or equipment is needed to participate. We’ll provide everything you need. Details are available on the event page. Just click the link below.



2015 Arctic Challenge Recap


The final Papago 900 of 2015 is in the books. The Arctic Challenge lived up to its name again this year with temperatures in the 50s, a sun that wanted to play hide & seek and chilly wind to keep the archers on their toes. Thankfully, the rain waited until we were wrapping up the awards ceremony in the afternoon.

Thanks to the additional parking lot provided by The City of Phoenix Parks Department, we were able to accommodate almost 100% of the archers & spectators shooting in the tournament this time. Thank you to club members Dennis, Glenn & Nick for assisting with the parking lot and allowing it to be a smooth process for our participants.

We welcomed a few first time archers to the range this tournament and they all did a fantastic job for being new to competition. We were able to guide them through the check-in & equipment inspection process and they were quick to learn the scoring, arrow marking & pulling process down range thanks to other seasoned archers on the bales.

We have such a wonderful archery community in Arizona and we are so grateful to be able to provide these fun tournaments! The only way it is possible for us to host these events is by all of the support from the community. We want to thank the PAA volunteers (Jennifer, Lester, Jocelyn, Mike, Ron, Steve, Glenn, Dennis, Nick and Chris) for faithfully being there to help wherever they are needed. Thank you to Devin Smith for all of your help with the Yeoman archers by helping them pull arrows and providing assistance. Thank you to Mark Hanson & Dan Kolb for being such amazing sportsmen to your fellow archer.

Of course, without the archers that participate, the spectators that watch and the tournament coordinators to plan & execute the tournament, none of it would be possible. THANK YOU!!





Congratulations to all of our club members that participated in the tournament this weekend and had podium finishes!

Barebow  –Yeoman Female
Macey Wapniarski (2nd Place)

Recurve – Yeoman Female
Rachel Parker (2nd Place)
Ella Conley (3rd Place)

Recurve – Bowman Female
Charlyse Wapniarski (1st Place)

Recurve – Cub Female
Danielle Nichols (1st Place)

Compound – Cub Female
Kennedy Koch (3rd Place)

Recurve – Cadet Female
Zoey Wapniarski (1st Place)

Recurve – Cadet Male
Waylon Hjerpe (1st Place)
Chris Mussman (3rd Place)

Barebow/Genesis – Senior Female
Melody Richards (2nd Place)

Recurve – Senior Male
Jackson Mirich (3rd Place)

Barebow – Master 50 Male
Steve Rogers (1st Place)

Barebow – Master 60 Male
Ron Shinn (1st Place)
Richard Doria (2nd Place)

Beginners Archery Course (December 2015)

Have you or your child always wanted to try out archery, but you’re not sure where to begin? Maybe you haven’t shot since you were a kid at camp and want to give it another try? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!


Due to high demand for our beginner archery classes, we have opened up one last session for 2015. Online registration for our Beginners Archery Course is online now. The first class starts at 8am on December 6th, 2015. There won’t be another session until Spring 2016. Class sizes are limited so make sure you register before the class fills up!

No experience or equipment is needed to participate. We’ll provide everything you need. Details are available on the event page. Just click the link below.


*photo by Kristy W

Halloween Shoot 2015 Recap


The Papago 900 – Halloween Shoot 2015 was held on October 31st at the Papago Park Archery Range. The morning began with a long line of  archers that were anxious to get through the gates. Even with the slight delay, everyone got checked in and ready to begin shooting by 8am.  The weather was gorgeous and the winds were calm all day.

Archers and spectators showed up in their Halloween costumes and festive apparel. We welcomed several new archers to the line this tournament and enjoyed helping them get a little tournament experience under their belts.  The Yeoman bales were quick to catch on with each passing end thanks to the help of our awesome ‘support staff’. They all successfully completed the tournament with smiles and many had podium finishes. It was such a joy to watch the next group of youth archers diving into competitive archery.

The compound archers (cub-master divisions) tried out the new target set up with two 122cm – 5 ring targets on each bale. Everyone appreciated the extra room to shoot and easier scoring down range. All Master’s divisions were separated into 50, 60 & 70 year old divisions this tournament and will continue to be for the future.

We encountered a slight delay during our 3rd round due to some parking restriction issues. After a quick 10 minute break and some relocating of vehicles we were able to wrap up the final ends and conclude the shooting. While scores were being tallied, the costume contest was held. 3 different winners were determined based on cheers from the spectators & other archers.

We want to thank all of our volunteers that came out to help make this tournament possible. Thank you PAA club members that helped set up the range, Arvid Veidmark & Chris Amundsen for providing additional judging support, and Kerry Nickerson & Rick Bachman for their assistance on the Yeoman bales.  The success of our tournaments rely on the support of the archers, the parents, coaches, spectators & tournament coordinators.  We appreciate all of you and look forward to seeing you at the next Papago tournament!



We are currently working on compiling all of the photos that were taken during the shoot. A photo album will be added to the website within the next week.


Papago Archery Range – Recipient of 2016 AZGFD Grant


The Arizona Game & Fish Department announced the recipients of their 2016 Shooting Range Development Grants. We are happy to say that The City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation Department was awarded a grant for $30,000 to assist with range improvements at the Papago Park Archery Range.

A huge Thank You goes out to Dennis Mowery  & Glenn Liptack for their hard work in assisting the Phoenix Parks Department with the grant proposal submission. The entire PAA Board is excited about what this means for the range, our club members and the public.

There are still huge fundraising efforts that will be needed to see all of the range improvement projects (shade canopies, safety signage & raising the berm) come to fruition. Stay tuned for more details on ways you can help Papago Archery Association and the Phoenix Parks Department raise the remaining funds needed.

Papago 900 Halloween Shoot – UPDATE

The registration for the Papago 900 Halloween Shoot will be closing this week. There are only a few spots still open in the following divisions.

3 Yeoman spots open (recurve, barebow or compound)
1 Cadet Recurve or Barebow
1 Cadet Compound
2 Junior/Senior/Master Compound

Current Registration List & Tentative Lane Assignments have been updated as of today.

If you want to fill one of the available spots, get your registration in today!
event info