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Targets and Tactics Fun Shoot: “THE CAVERNS OF KORDAL”

Archers! Adventure Awaits!

In what will be the most exciting and elaborate adventure yet in the Kingdom of Papago, I invite you all to join us in our next quest…

“The Caverns of Kordal”

Explore dark tunnels, battle twisted creatures, solve a centuries old mystery and use YOUR NEW POWERS AND ABILITIES to complete this all new adventure.

When: Sunday, Sept. 3, Check-In 07:00, Shooting 07:30 – 09:30
Who: Papago Archery Club Members (All Ages and Skill Levels)
What: A guided game of fantasy and strategy, using your Bow and Arrow as your weapon.
Where: Papago Archery Range
Shooting Format: 10 Ends, 6 Arrows Per End (A/B Line)
Distance: 18 Meters
Target Size: Varies By Encounter
Teams: 15 Teams, 4 Members Per Team (A/B Line)
(Teams will be organized on the day of the event.)

Please see your club email for registration information.

Any questions, please contact Derek

Targets and Tactics Fun Shoot

Papago Archers! Gather Your Arms!

Join the next adventure in the saga of Papago Valley.
After retaking the Castle of Phoenix, months ago, our adventurers have enjoyed the spoils of victory and the kindness of a grateful town. We catch up with our heroes at a local tavern when a new challenge rears its head.

This time you’ll have to brave the darkest depths of THE JAGGED WOODS. We need our bravest adventurers to face foes new and old or many innocent souls may be lost.
Join the rest of Papago’s Warriors, use your friends, your wits and your bow, and together we can WIN THE DAY!

When: Saturday June 17th @ 07:00 – 09:00
Who: Papago Archery Members (All Ages and Skill Levels)
What: A guided game of fantasy and strategy, using your Bow and Arrow as your weapon.
Where: Papago Archery Range

Shooting Format:
10 Ends, 2 Ends Per Encounter 3 Arrows Per End
18 Meters
Target Size: Varies By Encounter (???)
Teams: 10 Teams, 3 Team Members Per Team
(Teams will be selected on the day of the event by the event organizers.)

Any questions, please contact Derek.

Barebow Crew Quarterly Shoot

Calling ALL Papago Barebow archers!

Join the Barebow Crew (BBC) for their quarterly shoot on June 10th, during regular club practice hours.

Come play ’18 Holes of Golf’ with your fellow archers and try to achieve the lowest score!!

In this tournament we will be playing “GOLF”. We will be using 4 standard 122 cm target faces, the scoring will be different however. Each “golfer” will shoot one arrow at each “hole” for a total of 18 “holes”. The “golf balls” will score points in the following manor:

GOLD will represent a hole in one.

RED will score two strokes.

BLUE will score three strokes.

Black will score four strokes.

White will score five strokes

MISSING THE TARGET will score seven points.

There will also be “water hazard’s” and “sand traps” on each target. If your “ball” land’s in a hazard you score however many strokes for the color in which your “ball” lands plus one additional stroke for landing in the hazard. Lowest score win’s the tournament.

Targets will be placed at random distances and after everyone completes all four targets, scores and removes “balls”, The targets will be moved to new distances per decision of the people who are moving them.

PAA Club ‘Fun Shoot’ – July 2016

PAA will be hosting a fun shoot for all PAA club members. This event is free and ALL members are welcome and encouraged to join.
15m – Barebow
20m – Recurve
25m – Compound

Target: Custom 40 cm target faces

1 Round – 30 arrows (10 ends of 3 arrows)
Scoring will be done by bale.
The top 3 scores in the combined youth division (17 and under) and top 3 scores in the combined adult division (18 and up) will be presented with prizes. There is no separation between bow types. Tie breakers will be determined by 1 arrow shoot offs.
PLEASE make sure that you arrive and are ready to begin shooting by 8 AM sharp. We will provide 2 practice ends before scoring begins.NO REGISTRATION NECESSARY. Just arrive and be ready to shoot by 8am.

Globe Firefighter’s Assoc. Inaugural Family Fun Shoot

The GFFA is proud to partner with the Apache Bow Hunter’s Club to introduce this family fun shoot to raise money for The Burn Fund. The Burn Fund is used to assist families in need in our community. We provide Christmas presents, Thanksgiving meals, assistance to those who lose their homes or loved ones to tragedy, etc. We will have multiple courses available, prizes, raffles, food, and kid activities. Bring your family out for a great day in the outdoors for a great cause! Camping the night prior will be available.

2 – 20 Target Courses
Smoker Course
Long Shot
Kid’s Course

Raffle & Prizes!

$30 per person (includes meal)
$100 for a family (2 adults, 2 kids)