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Targets and Tactics Fun Shoot: “THE CAVERNS OF KORDAL”

Archers! Adventure Awaits!

In what will be the most exciting and elaborate adventure yet in the Kingdom of Papago, I invite you all to join us in our next quest…

“The Caverns of Kordal”

Explore dark tunnels, battle twisted creatures, solve a centuries old mystery and use YOUR NEW POWERS AND ABILITIES to complete this all new adventure.

When: Sunday, Sept. 3, Check-In 07:00, Shooting 07:30 – 09:30
Who: Papago Archery Club Members (All Ages and Skill Levels)
What: A guided game of fantasy and strategy, using your Bow and Arrow as your weapon.
Where: Papago Archery Range
Shooting Format: 10 Ends, 6 Arrows Per End (A/B Line)
Distance: 18 Meters
Target Size: Varies By Encounter
Teams: 15 Teams, 4 Members Per Team (A/B Line)
(Teams will be organized on the day of the event.)

Please see your club email for registration information.

Any questions, please contact Derek