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Papago Archers at the 2017 AZ State Indoor Championships

Congratulations to our 12 Papago Archers that spent the weekend shooting at the AZ State Indoor Championships. The tournament took place from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Archers shot 2 rounds of 30 arrows, each day they competed, for a total of 120 arrows. We had a wonderful turnout at the event with several of our archers making it to the podium. In addition, we had a handful of state records set too!! Congratulations to all of our members that participated and to our coaching staff that was there to assist!! A big Thank You to Desert Sky Archers for hosting another wonderful event!

Recurve Women
Kelsey Lard – 1st Place (2 NEW STATE RECORDS!!)

Recurve Men
Ron Gosnell – 6th Place (1st Tournament!)

Recurve Cadet Women
Zoey Wapniarski – 2nd Place
Anika Walia – 7th Place (1st Tournament!)

Recurve Cadet Men
Christopher Mussman – 4th Place
Arnaav Walia – 8th Place

Recurve Cub Men
Waylon Hjerpe – 1st Place

Recurve Bowman Women
Ava Gosnell – 2nd Place (1st Tournament!)

Recurve Master 50 Men
Leonardo Llames – 1st Place

Recurve Master 50 Women
Melanie Mandelin – 1st Place

Barebow Women
Melody Richards – 1st Place (2 NEW STATE RECORDS!!)
Kristy Wapniarski – 2nd Place

For a complete list of tournament results, click here.

Recurve Bowmen Women
Recurve Bowmen Women
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PAA Archers at the 2016 Summer Sizzle


We had a nice turn out this weekend at the 2016 Summer Sizzle tournament with 10 participating club members.  There were several 1st time competitors shooting and all of them did a great job! So proud to have these archers representing our club within the archery community. Congratulations to everyone on a job well done!

Barebow Masters Women
Melanie Mandelin – 1st Place

Barebow Masters Men
Ron Shinn – 1st Place

Barebow Women
Kristy Wapniarski – 1st Place

Recurve Men
David Smith – 2nd Place
Derek Harju – 4th Place

Recurve Women
Katie Lambert – 4th Place

Recurve Cadet Women
Zoey Wapniarski – 1st Place
Isadora Ornelas – 7th Place
Osiris Ramirez – 9th Place

Recurve Cadet Men
Chris Mussman – 3rd Place

2016 Arizona State JOAD Indoor Championships

PAAThere were record breaking numbers all over this weekend at the 2016 AZ State JOAD Championships. The registered number of participating archers was the most AZ has ever seen for this tournament. Corner Archery hosted the event at the Ben Avery Indoor Shooting Facility and did a marvelous job running the tournament. We are so grateful to all of the clubs, their members and the many volunteers that help make these fun tournaments a possibility for our youth. Thank you!

We want to acknowledge all of our club archers that competed this weekend and their accomplishments. So proud of you guys for going out there this weekend and giving it your all! You all do an amazing job of representing the PAA club! Thank you to Coach Kevin for all of your support and guidance!

Recurve Bow – Cadet Men
Christopher Mussman – 3rd Place

Recurve Bow – Cadet Women
Zoey Wapniarski – 3rd Place
Talia Jordening-Kilcline – 9th Place (1st tournament – Woo-hoo!)

Recurve Bow – Cub Men
Arni Walia – 4th Place

Recurve Bow – Cub Women
Danielle Nichols – 4th Place

Recurve Bow – Bowman Men
Waylon Hjerpe – 1st Place (NEW STATE RECORD!)

Recurve Bow – Bowman Women
Rachel Parker – 5th Place

Compound Bow – Cadet Women
Kennedy Koch – 9th Place

Barebow/Genesis – Junior Women
Tianna Jordeining-Kilcline – 1st Place (1st Tournament & NEW STATE RECORD!)

AZ State JOAD Indoor Championships

When: February 6 – February 7, 2016
Where: Ben Avery Indoor Archery Range
Format: Single FITA I – Indoor 18m (Star FITA)

SATURDAY AM / PM – All Compound Classes – 60 arrows from 18 meters, 40 cm target (choice of single spot or vertical 3 spot), all compound classes will shoot inner 10 ring scoring.

SUNDAY AM / PM – Recurve, Bare Bow & Genesis  – 60 arrows from 18 meters, 60 cm target (Bowman & Cub), 40 cm target (Cadet & above), single 10 ring or vertical 3 spot, outer 10 ring scoring.

Membership Requirements: USAA/NAA membership listing Arizona residence is required to compete for State Championship recognition. If your USAA membership expires prior to the official start date of the tournament, your application will not be considered complete until your current membership is on file with USAA. Membership may be obtained or renewed at:


Tournament Information Rules and Dress Code: USAA rules and dress code apply for both archers and coaches during the tournament and practice sessions. Please note the prohibition against camo and denim.

Registration: Opens December 1, 2015 until February 1, 2016 or when the venue is full, which may occur prior to the registration deadline. Late registration will be applicable to all entries on or after January 27, 2016.

Register by visiting www.cornerarchery.com. |
Payment will be via Paypal.
You will not be confirmed as registered until payment is received.

Registration Fees:
Current USAA-AZ Members $40.00 (no guest shooters)
Late Registration Fee (received on or after 1/27/16) $70.00

Corner Archery reserves the right to modify the above information prior to the tournament

Tournament Contact Information: Hosted by: Corner Archery Tournament Director: Rhonda Crabtree
Email: cornerarch@aol.com

2016 AZ State Indoor Championships


Papago Archers came out in force this past weekend to compete in the 2016 AZ State Indoor Championships, being hosted by Desert Sky Archers, in Phoenix, AZ.  The club would like to acknowledge all of those that competed and congratulate you all on a job well done. Many of our archers had podium finishes. Way to represent PAA!!

Recurve Bow – Women
Kelsey Lard – 1st Place
Joyce Chan – 2nd Place
Lihn Do – 3rd Place

Recurve Bow – Cadet Men
Christopher Mussman – 3rd Place

Recurve Bow – Cadet Women
Zoey Wapniarski – 4th Place

Recurve Bow – Bowman Men
Waylon Hjerpe – 1st Place (Broke The State Record!!)
Raymond Tsai – 2nd Place

Barebow/Genesis – Masters 50 Men
Steve Rogers – 1st Place (Top Barebow Score of Tournament!!)

Barebow/Genesis – Masters 60 Men
Ron Shinn – 1st Place

PAA Aims to Help AZ Autism United


Papago archers came out in force this weekend to participate in the 2015 Target Autism Tournament. For some, this was a first time tournament and they all did excellent. Everyone had a great time shooting for this wonderful cause. Thank you DSA for putting on this fantastic event!

We want to congratulate all of the PAA archers that participated! We are proud of each of you for supporting a great cause and competing in this fun shoot. Many made it to the podium  – Way to go and keep up the good work!!

Recurve Bow – Master Men
Byron Gray (3rd Place)

Barebow/Genesis – Master Men
Ronn Shinn (1st Place)
George Berger (2nd Place)

Recurve Bow – Men
Allen Nearing (2nd Place)

Recurve Bow – Women
Linh Do (3rd Place)

Barebow/Genesis – Women
Bella Kozak (1st Place)
Melody Richards (2nd Place)

Recurve Bow – Cub Women
Zoey Wapniarski (2nd Place)

Barebow/Genesis – Cub Men
Kale White (1st Place)

Recurve Bow – Bowman Men
Waylon Hjerpe (1st Place)
Raymond Tsai (2nd Place)

Click Here for a complete list of results from the tournament.

Target Autism Charity Tournament

Desert Sky Archers is proud to host the inaugural Target Autism Charity Tournament!

ALL profits will be given to a local charity
“AZ Autism United”

During the shoot, our generous sponsors have donated items for a silent auction. The auction starts at 8:00AM Saturday and ends just before the awards ceremony.

Registration will be up in the next few weeks for this event. (Please check the Desert Sky Archers website for registration information – http://desertskyarchers.com/events/)
There will be a Donation/Registration to enter:
• Adult Archer $35.00
• Youth Archer $30.00

Event Info:
“Target Autism 2015” is a 2 day tournament,
Sept. 19th & 20th, 2015 at the Ben Avery Archery Indoor Range

Target Autism 2015 is a single FITA I – Indoor 18 meter (Star FITA) Tournament open to archers of all ages

• Each session is a Double 300 round with morning and afternoon sessions
on both Saturday and Sunday.
• All Competitors (including JOAD divisions), shoot a 40cm face,
choice of 10 ring or 3 spot triangle.
• All Recurve Archers, Bowman Compound Archers and
Cub Compound Archers shoot outer 10.
• All other Compound Archers shoot inner 10.

Morning session schedule:
8:00 am | Equipment inspection (Saturday only)
8:30 am | Official practice followed by scoring round for 1st (30) arrows
Approximately 10 minute break
Scoring begins – 2nd (30) arrows

Afternoon session schedule:
12:30 pm | Equipment inspection (Saturday only)
1:00 pm | Official practice followed by scoring round for 1st (30) arrows
Approximately 10 minute break
Scoring begins – 2nd (30) arrows

USAA Dress Code will be enforced…this includes official practice sessions. The Dress Code can be found at http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Archery/News/Features/2010/June/03/USA-Archery-Dress-Code-in-Effect-Now

USAA Arizona Tournament Rules & Procedures can be found at

FITA Arrow Rules can be found at

2015 Summer Sizzle Success

Papago Summer Sizzle

Some of our PAA archers spent the weekend shooting in the 2015 Summer Sizzle tournament being hosted by Desert Sky Archers at the Ben Avery Indoor Shooting Range. The tournament format was a Double FITA I – Indoor 25/18 meter Tournament (Star FITA).

We want to give a big shout out to both Linh Do & Arni Walia, members of our JOAD & AAP program, for taking the plunge and trying out competitive archery for the first time. Way to go archers, you all did an excellent job!

Kelsey Lard (Recurve Women) – 2nd Place
Linh Do (Recurve Women) – 5th Place
Zoey Wapniarski (Recurve Cub Women) – 1st Place
Arni Walia (Recurve Cub Men) – 2nd Place

2015 Summer Sizzle

Desert Sky Archers is hosting the 2015 Summer Sizzle
August 8th and 9th, 2015
Phoenix, Arizona
Archery/ Air Pistol Indoor Range
Ben Avery Shooting Facility
Phoenix, Arizona

Summer Sizzle FORMAT: Double FITA I – Indoor 25/18 meter Tournament (Star FITA)

Recurve Bow and Barebow – Two (2) – 300 round from 25 meters; – 60 cm target face. Two (2) – 300 round from 18 meters; – 40 cm target face. (Choice of single-spot or vertical— must use choice for entire tournament); outer 10 ring scoring. (Double 600 round = 60 arrows x 2 rounds = 120 arrows)

Compound Bow– Two (2) – 300 rounds from 25 meters; – 60 cm target face. Two (2) – 300 round from 18 meters; – 40 cm target face. (Choice of single spot, triangle or vertical — bowman and cub compounds use outer 10 ring scoring, Cadet and above use inner 10 ring scoring. (Double 600 round = 60 arrows x 2 rounds = 120 arrows) (60 Pound draw weight maximum as measured by the Tournament scale)

Target Face – 60 cm for 25 m, 10 ring or vertical for 18 m; 40 cm 10 ring or vertical for 18 m. (Two archers will share 60cm face). The tournament reserves the right to provide the target faces type per target buttress allocation.

You must shoot both distances!!

Click below for additional event info and to register for this tournament.

event info-blue