1.) When does the club meet?

The Papago Archers meet on Saturday & Sunday mornings (please check the event/club calendar before you come out). If you are a first time archer, Please go to our Classes page for information.

2.) Who can shoot?

Have your own equipment? – Everyone is welcome! Adults and Children, Recurve and Compound Target Archers are welcome.  We do ask that children be at least 8 years of age and be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while at the range the entire time. A release form must be signed and on record for each archer. If you are new to Archery please go to our Classes page for more information

3.) What does it cost?

The Papago Archery Association (PAA) does not require one to be a member to shoot at the range if you have your own bow and target. We do hope that you enjoy archery so much you will want to become a member of our club. Membership fees support the upkeep of the range, our targets, stands and equipment.

4.) Do I have to have my own equipment for the classes?

No! If you do have your own equipment that has been fitted to you, you may bring it. If you don’t have equipment, we do. In fact, if you have never shot before don’t borrow someone else’s and don’t go out and buy new equipment yet. Let us show you what equipment to use and after a few lessons, if you still want to continue and purchase your own equipment we will help you. The club provides recurve bows for the introduction to archery and beginning archery classes only. If you want to shoot compound you would need to bring your own equipment. If you are interested in buying your first bow please speak to one of the coaches for more information.

5.) How long can I shoot?

The PAA practice lasts 2 to 3 hours. If you are a first time Archer, scheduled lessons are typically 1 hour or 90 min. long depending on the class.

6.) Who will be giving instructions?

The Papago Archers have United States Archery Association (USAA) Certified Coaches that provide help, instructions and range safety. All instructors have a minimum level II certification.

7.) What should I wear?

The Papago Archery Range is outdoors and has very little shade. Sunblock is highly recommended. You might want to wear a hat. Hat with large brims or baseball hats might hinder the bow string so a golf or “bucket” hat is best. Closed toed shoes are a must! Bring Water!! There is water at the range, but it is not very cold and it tastes a little different than say bottled water (you get what we mean).

8.) What else does the club offer?

Besides a lot of fun and a chance to meet some good people, the Papago Archery Club has a Junior Olympic Archery Development program (JOAD), runs tournaments and hosts fun shoots such as the “Big Dog” competitions.

We hope that some of your questions were answered here. If not, please go to our contact page and ask away. We will get back to you ASAP with the answer. Thank you!

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    1. Hi Allan – The City of Phoenix does not list any restrictions for shooting a crossbow at the range with field tips. Broadheads are not allowed though.

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