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The Papago Archery Association (PAA) is an all volunteer organization. We depend on membership fees, tournament fees and donations to be able to provide equipment and instruction to beginning archers. Donations can be made by joining PAA or using the Donate Now button below.



These sponsors have invested a lot of time, energy and money to help support the PAA and archery in Arizona. Please help our club and the sport of Archery by supporting these individuals and companies.

American Archery Academy

PAA is always looking for sponsors. Your business can sponsor the club, this website or our tournament/class registration website. Donations, equipment and other in-kind contributions to the club can be met with your business recognized on these pages.
If you are interested in being a sponsor of the Papago Archery Association, please contact us at Your support will help grow the sport of Archery.

Things that could be donated:

Target faces- 122 cms, 40 cms, sunscreen & water for tournaments, a shade canopy & fletchings & nocks for the club arrows, finger slings, hand sanitizer, etc.

You can also donate your time and experience each Saturday morning. We always need help with beginning archers and JOADS. Plus we are always looking for individuals or companies to help us promote Papago Archery and the sport of Archery.


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  1. I have participated in many shoots at Papago and would like to make a donation to Your club but do not wish to become a member. Please add a donate here button or something.

    1. Thank you Dennis! We are in the process of incorporating various donation options as we prepare for our fundraising efforts for the range improvements. We should have an online donation button in place shortly.

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