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Papago JOAD at 2018 AZ State Indoor (1/27-1/28)

Congratulations to all of our club archers that competed in the 2018 Arizona State JOAD Championships this past weekend at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility. The event was hosted by Corner Archery and USA Archery AZ.

There were a total of 16 Papago members that competed. Of those, 9 made it to the podium and 3 were declared the new State Champion for 2018!! Awesome job to all of you that shot!

Recurve Junior Male 
Chris Mussman – 4th Place

Recurve Junior Female
Raley Morgan – 2nd Place

Recurve Cadet Male
Arnaav Walia – 3rd Place

Recurve Cadet Female
Katie Stains – 1st Place (STATE CHAMPION)
Zoey Wapniarski – 2nd Place
Morgan Kehlenbach – 3rd Place
Anika Walia – 10th Place

Compound Cadet Male
Isaac Ramirez – 20th Place

Recurve Cub Male
Waylon Hjerpe – 1st Place (STATE CHAMPION)
Max Brazsky – 3rd Place
Nolan Perez – 4th Place

Barebow Cub Female
Mia Wright – 2nd Place

Recurve Bowman Male
Aaron Tsai – 3rd Place

Recurve Bowman Female
Rachel Parker – 1st Place (STATE CHAMPION)
Aliyapadi Hariadi – 5th Place
Ella Conley – 9th Place

Click here to view a complete list of the results.

2015 Summer Sizzle Success

Papago Summer Sizzle

Some of our PAA archers spent the weekend shooting in the 2015 Summer Sizzle tournament being hosted by Desert Sky Archers at the Ben Avery Indoor Shooting Range. The tournament format was a Double FITA I – Indoor 25/18 meter Tournament (Star FITA).

We want to give a big shout out to both Linh Do & Arni Walia, members of our JOAD & AAP program, for taking the plunge and trying out competitive archery for the first time. Way to go archers, you all did an excellent job!

Kelsey Lard (Recurve Women) – 2nd Place
Linh Do (Recurve Women) – 5th Place
Zoey Wapniarski (Recurve Cub Women) – 1st Place
Arni Walia (Recurve Cub Men) – 2nd Place

Winning Gold at Outdoor Nationals!



Papago Archery Association wants to congratulate, club member, Waylon Hjerpe on his huge success this week at the Easton JOAD Outdoor Nationals in Decatur, AL. Waylon finished 1st place in the qualification rounds (Recurve Bowman Male Division) with a score of 1379. Then came back today with a killer performance in the single elimination Olympic Rounds and took the GOLD!!!

Those medals look mighty nice around your neck Waylon! Way to go!

Good Luck PAA Archers!



Wishing the best of luck to all of our Utah bound archers that will be shooting in this weekend’s 46th US National Indoor & 2015 JOAD National Indoor Championships.  Shoot straight and HAVE FUN!

(Archers) Kevin Ikegami, Kelsey Lard, Zoey Wapniarski & Waylon Hjerpe

**UPDATE** Congratulations to Zoey & Waylon for both placing in their respective divisions during the JOAD National Indoor Championships in Salt Lake City. 

PAA 2015 AZ JOAD Indoor Champions

Congratulations to all of the Papago JOAD archers that participated in the 2015 AZ State JOAD Indoor Championships this past weekend. Our archers not only walked away with another excellent tournament experience under their belt, but with champion mugs for placing in their division. Thank you to Coaches Kevin & Lindsay for all of your support in preparing these youth archers for the competition.

Recurve Bow – Cub Women
1st Place – Zoey Wapniarski

Recurve Bow – Cub Men
2nd Place – Ben Nearing

Barebow/Genesis – Cub Men
3rd Place – Nico Garnero

Recurve Bow – Bowman Men
1st Place – Waylon Hjerpe**

**Once again, Waylon Hjerpe, broke the state record in the 18m  600 for his division.

Way to go Papago JOAD Archers!!



2015 Membership Update


The new 2015 PAA membership applications are available on the website. All existing members that are interested in continuing their membership for 2015 are required to complete the renewal process by January 3rd, 2015. We welcome new members that are interested in joining the club, please make sure to read through our membership page on the site to get started!

NEW REQUIREMENTS – USA Archery has implemented new requirements for 2015. All PAA members must have an active membership with USA Archery moving forward. If you do not have a USA Archery membership yet, please visit their site to register. For more information about the renewal/registration process for Papago Archery Association, please visit the membership page of our website. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you and we look forward to shooting with you all in the new year!