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2017 AZ State JOAD Outdoor Championships

Tournament Rules:  Current World Archery/USA Archery rules apply with exceptions noted below.

Dress Code:  Dress code that went into effect January 1, 2017 applies.

Championship Eligibility: USA Archery Membership listing Arizona as your residence is REQUIRED for you to be eligible for awards, elimination rounds and team rounds.  Guest are welcome to shoot the ranking rounds on Saturday, no award given.

Championship Awards: The State Champion will be based on the winner of the elimination rounds.  Plaques will be given to top 3 in each division.  Ranking rounds, top 3 will receive medals.  Team rounds, top 3 will receive medals.

Tournament Fee:  $45 (not including optional team rounds see below).  Tournament registration will stay open until April 27th, 2017.  No late registrations, no walk-up registrations.  All registrations must be done on line.  No Refunds after April 27th if cancel or no show.  Cancellations after April 23rd will be 50%.  Guests are $65 (must be of JOAD age)



  • 7:00 AM Check-In and Equipment Inspection
  • Unofficial Practice will start shortly after Check-In
  • 7:30 AM Start of official Practice 2 Ends
  • 1st Distance will start after 2 ends of Official Practice
  • 10:00 AM approx. will start 2nd Distance
  • 60 Minute Lunch following 2nd Distance
  • 1:30 PM Ranking Round Awards
  • 2:00 PM Start of Team rounds
  • Team Round Awards Upon Completion


  • 8:30AM Start of Official Practice 2 ends
  • Start of Elimination Rounds after 2 end of Official Practice
  • Awards will be given at the end of all competition


March Pin Shoot (Indoor)

Come out and shoot to earn your next pin!

The March monthly pin shoot will be held during regular club practice. This shoot is now open to ALL Papago club members (with current memberships).  This club level shoot allows archers an opportunity to experience a mock round of a tournament.

ONLY Indoor distances  will be shot during this pin shoot. Please arrive early enough to get equipment set up, warmed up and ready to begin official practice by 8:30AM.  **There will not be any make up arrows for late arrivals.

30 arrow round (3 arrows per end, 10 ends)
2 minute ends.
We will run an AB/CD line if necessary.
Whistle commands & timer will be used.

Barebow, Recurve & Compound shoot at 18 meters and on a 40 cm target face. Please review the scoring matrix below for your award levels.  Adult Indoor Matrix

9 meter distance allowed for green, purple, gray & white pins.
18 meter distance only for black through Olympian pins.
40 cm target face ONLY for compound. Optional for blue pin through Olympian.
60 cm target face for all others.
Please review the scoring matrix below for your award levels.
JOAD Indoor Matrix

NO pre-registration is required.
Those interested in receiving pin awards will turn in their score sheet at the end of the round.

Please see club email for more details.

2017 AZ State Master’s Championships Registration OPEN

Papago and USA Archery AZ are excited to be hosting the Inaugural AZ State Master’s Championships in 2017. The event will be a 900 round with three distances and is a Star FITA registered event.
Registration has opened for this event.


The course is comprised of 3 class lessons designed to get you started in the sport of archery the right way. Each class is 90 minutes in length and the cost for course is $75 per archer.

The Beginners Archery Course is open to all persons 8 years old and up and we encourage parents to shoot with their children as archery is a great FAMILY activity. Classes cover safety, the beginnings of the National Training System (NTS – formerly the B.E.S.T. method) and Olympic Archery recurve equipment. All equipment needed for the class will be provided.

Class space is limited and will fill up fast. Registration for all courses is done online and when we reach the maximum number of participants (20 archers), the link will shut down. 


Sunday – February 19th  (9:00 – 10:30 a.m.)– Beginners Archery Course #1

Sunday – February 26th (9:00 – 10:30 a.m.)– Beginners Archery Course #2

Sunday – March 5th (9:00 – 10:30 a.m.)– Beginners Archery Course #3



Please see our Classes page for additional sessions.


2017 AZ State JOAD Indoor Championships

Several of our Papago JOAD members competed in the 2017 AZ State JOAD Indoor Championships this past weekend, hosted by Corner Archery. The archers shot 2 rounds of 30 arrows at 18 meters. Target sizes were 40 or 60 cm based on the age division. The Papago Archery Family continues to grow and with each tournament we have more competitors showing off their skills and accomplishing their goals. We are incredibly proud of everyone that competed. Some highlights from the event can be found below, along with photos captured from the weekend.

State Champion
Waylon Hjerpe – Recurve Cub Men

Recurve Bowman Men
Raymond Tsai – 2nd Place
Aaron Tsai – 3rd Place

Recurve Bowman Women
Rachel Parker – 3rd Place

Recurve Cadet Men
Chris Mussman – 3rd Place
Arnnav Walia – 8th Place

Recurve Cadet Women
Zoey Wapniarski – 5th Place
Anika Walia – 9th Place

Photos From Event


Join us on the 1st Saturday of the month for a chance to earn your next pin!

8:30 AM – ALL members will be shooting for INDOOR pins.
2 practice ends will begin promptly at 8:30 AM. Please arrive early enough to be set up and ready to shoot.

– Bow divisions include  Barebow/Recurve & Compound.
– Target size is  60cm (or 40cm) for indoor
– Distance is either 9 or 18 Meters (based on archer’s goal)
– 30 arrow round (10 ends of 3 arrows)

Click to view the outdoor distance & scoring matrix for earning pins.

JOAD Indoor Matrix

Adult Indoor Matrix

*Pins earned during the shoot will be awarded to archers on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

Papago Archers at the 2017 AZ State Indoor Championships

Congratulations to our 12 Papago Archers that spent the weekend shooting at the AZ State Indoor Championships. The tournament took place from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Archers shot 2 rounds of 30 arrows, each day they competed, for a total of 120 arrows. We had a wonderful turnout at the event with several of our archers making it to the podium. In addition, we had a handful of state records set too!! Congratulations to all of our members that participated and to our coaching staff that was there to assist!! A big Thank You to Desert Sky Archers for hosting another wonderful event!

Recurve Women
Kelsey Lard – 1st Place (2 NEW STATE RECORDS!!)

Recurve Men
Ron Gosnell – 6th Place (1st Tournament!)

Recurve Cadet Women
Zoey Wapniarski – 2nd Place
Anika Walia – 7th Place (1st Tournament!)

Recurve Cadet Men
Christopher Mussman – 4th Place
Arnaav Walia – 8th Place

Recurve Cub Men
Waylon Hjerpe – 1st Place

Recurve Bowman Women
Ava Gosnell – 2nd Place (1st Tournament!)

Recurve Master 50 Men
Leonardo Llames – 1st Place

Recurve Master 50 Women
Melanie Mandelin – 1st Place

Barebow Women
Melody Richards – 1st Place (2 NEW STATE RECORDS!!)
Kristy Wapniarski – 2nd Place

For a complete list of tournament results, click here.

Recurve Bowmen Women
Recurve Bowmen Women
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The equipment container will be open for practice this Saturday by 8:00 a.m.  All club members are welcome to come to the range and get some practice in for the week. Container will remain open until approx  11:00  a.m.

JOAD & AAP members will meet on the west side of the range for their monthly pin shoot.

8:30 AM – All members shooting for OUTDOOR pins.
9:30 AM – All members shooting for INDOOR pins.