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Bare Bow Crew – Spring Quarterly Shoot

The Bare Bow Crew will be meeting at the range for the Spring quarterly shoot.

Teams of 2 archers (determined by luck of the draw)
Each team will decide who shoots first.
Archers will shoot at balloons at 20/30/40 Meter distances.
Balloon sizes will increase as the distance increases.
3 arrows per end, 2 ends per distance.
1 arrow shot per archer at a time, while rotating with teammate.

Winner is determined by the team that pops the most balloons.

Winter Quarterly Shoot Winners:  Steve Carmack & Bella Kozak

**Members can meet for lunch after the completion of the shoot. Children of BBC members are welcome to join. Please RSVP to Ron Shinn via email.

NEW BAREBOW ARCHERS – The Bare Bow Crew (BBC) is open to all Papago Archery Club members that use choose this shooting discipline. There is no cost to join the BBC and all barebow archers are encouraged to participate in the quarterly shoots. Please feel free to participate in the fun or come and watch, meet other barebow archers and join us for lunch.


2017 AZ State Master’s Championships Registration OPEN

Papago and USA Archery AZ are excited to be hosting the Inaugural AZ State Master’s Championships in 2017. The event will be a 900 round with three distances and is a Star FITA registered event.
Registration has opened for this event.

Bare Bow Crew Fall Shoot

Bare Bow Crew members will meet at 9 am to shoot in their quarterly tournament.

30 arrows (5 ends, 6 arrows) on a 122 cm target face.
Each target will be at a different distance:
10 meters
15 meters
20 meters
25 meters
30 meters

All archers will start shooting at 10 meters, shooting 6 arrows
and then move to the next distance. Only arrows hitting the gold area
will score points, anything else will be considered as a miss.

Highest score wins!

2016 Bare Bow Crew Summer Shoot

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The Papago Bare Bow Crew (BBC) members came out this morning to participate in their quarterly fun shoot. BBC member, Tianna, designed the Super Hero Shoot using Hawkeye, Katniss, Robin Hood & Cupid as her inspiration. Each bale was themed according to the corresponding ‘super hero’ archer.

The archers had a great time building relationships while supporting their fellow archers and had a chance to shoot at glitter filled balloons, Mockingjay pins, arrow ‘tubes’ & with their eyes closed. We had 9 members participate and finished with 2 winners.

Congratulations to our top Bare Bow archers – Ron Shinn & Bella Kozak – on your high scores and accomplishments today!

photo credit: Steve Rogers

Bare Bow Crew Summer Shoot

Bare Bow Crew members will meet at 9am to shoot in their quarterly tournament.

Men v. Women – Who will be the bare bow archery superhero?

4 Bales – Set Up As Described Below

Robin Hood –  18m distance (arrow tubes)
Hawkeye – 5m distance (shooting blind)
Cupid – 18m distance (glitter balloons
Katniss – 18m distance (mockingjay)

Registration Open – Spring Papago 900

target image


Registration is now open for our 2016 Spring Papago 900. This event is being held on May 7th, 2016 at the Papago Archery Range. Registration for this event always fills up fast and lanes used by the varying divisions are determined based on a first come, first serve basis. Don’t wait, register today!

event info

2015 Papago Spring 900 Tournament

Join us for the first Papago 900 tournament of 2015!!

The 900 round tournaments hosted by Papago Archery Association (PAA) are the perfect “first time” tournament for archers of all ages, especially the youth, and fun shoots for any archer that enjoys a little friendly competition.

FINAL SCORES from the tournament. 

May 9th, 2015 (Saturday)
Check in is at 7:00 am
Practice ends begin at 7:30 am
First Round will begin at 8:00 am

Papago Park Archery Range
6201 E Oak Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008

$30 for Senior & Master Divisions
$25 for all Youth Divisions (Bowman through Junior)

900 Round on 122cm target faces – Archers will shoot three (3) rounds at three (3) different distances. Each round will be 30 arrows (5 ends of 6 arrows).  There will be a break between the middle and short distances.

Divisions & Distances:
Barebow or Genesis, Recurve Bow, Compound Bow
Master, Senior & Junior 60/50/40M
Cadet 50/40/30M
Cub 40/30/20M
Bowman 30/25/20M
Yeoman 20/15/10M

*All archers are allowed to shoot up in a higher division if desired.

***UPDATE 5/6/2015***

Online registration has been disabled for this event due to limited lane space still available by division. If you are interested in participating in this tournament please contact Kristy by email to see if a spot for your division is still open.

Questions? If you have any questions about the tournament or registering for the tournament, please contact Kristy Wapniarski.