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The Papago Archery Association (PAA) will try and answer your questions. We welcome comments and suggestions.

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Kevin Ikegami –  President,  Head Coach  (Serves through 2018)
Derek Harju – Vice President   (Serves through 2020)
Allen Nearing – Treasurer   (Serves through 2019)
Kristy Wapniarski  Secretary  (Serves through 2020)
Kelsey Lard  Tournament Coordinator   (Serves through 2019)
David Smith – Board Member   (Serves through 2018)
Eric Focht – Board Member (Serves through 2020)

By Mail:
Papago Archery Association
PO Box 15324
Phoenix, AZ 85060


11 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. was wondering if it would be possible for you to email a copy of Zach Neilson’s score sheet from the Arctic Challenge 900. He failed to get one the day of the tournament. He shoots compound bow bowman division. Thank you its for Carmen Gunn and the JOAD program

    1. Hello Carmen – I am checking with Angi, the coordinator for the tournament, to see about getting you a copy of that score sheet. We’ll be in touch. Thanks!

  2. Hi,
    I am looking for a beginner archery course for a 12 year old. Do you have anything available that is open for registration.

    Thank you!


  3. Hi. I have a youth genesis bow for sale and wondered if there was an area on your website (or anywhere else) to post it. Not having any luck on Craigslist and it is in likenew condition. thanks

    1. Bonnie – You might want to reach out to some of the local schools that are involved in the NASP program to see if they have any interested students.

    2. I have a NASP archery team that uses genesis bows. I’d be happy to post it for sale on our facebook site if you still have it.

    1. Ruth – Our next one day introductory class will be held in the fall. Please check back on our website in August for more details.

  4. My daughter is 8, and very interested in archery. We have missed the first week of the summer course, but could attend the other two. Is there room, and will the price be pro-rated? What are other opportunities for her? She has limited experience (a total of 4 sessions at camp last week), but really enjoyed it.


  5. Hi, do you guys have bows and arrows which can be borrowed to visitors who don’t have their own equipment ready?

  6. Hello! This is Dennis Swartzfager. I think that I registered for the artic challenger last Sunday or Monday but I don’t know if that is in fact the case. My Internet and E-mail service sort of died (cox’s description) in a strange way i.e. some filter was put on my account which ate all incoming and out going E-mails and apparently all other forms of communications. Therefore, I did not receive an acknowledgement E-mail concerning my registration. To make a long story short; am I registered or not.

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